Day 7 – St. Giles High Kirk/Faith Mission – Edinburgh

Edingburgh: A Literature Major’s Heartland Talking a tour of the beautiful city of Edinburgh proved to be breathtaking from a literary perspective. Having wonders such as Sir Walter Scott, JK Rowling, Robert Burns and Robert Louis Stevenson, the classics literally came alive on the Cobblestone streets. A few short blocks from the Royal Mile, the inspiration for the Sherlock Holmes tales and Alexander Graham Bell’s home is found. Around the corner, Deacon Brody’s Café marks the place at which the character of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde remains imprinted in the town of its origin. Only two blocks down Castle Hill, the Elephant House lies snuggled amidst countless shops. Made famous as being the location where JK Rowling penned much of the first Harry Potter, the coffee shop/café proudly proclaims their ties to the worldwide phenomena of the young British wizard. The city simply oozes timeless words by sheer artists. Transcending centuries Edinburgh remains to this day a town of great literary heritage.

~Rebecca Wasil

Today we sang a concert in St. Giles Cathedral/High Kirk in the heart of Edinburgh and it was so beautiful. The stained glass windows were breathtaking and they all told some biblical story. We attended a short service before our concert, which was beautiful as the acoustics bounced off the old stonewalls. We were positioned in front of a massive organ and we faced the alter at the center of the cathedral. In a small room off the side of the cathedral there were chairs lining the walls that were completely carved out of wood with every detail perfect. In one corner, for instance, near the entrance there was a famous carving of an angel playing the bagpipes. It was such a beautiful experience.

~Sharon Lankford

Edinburgh: Scotland’s “New York”

Today we got to spend some time in Edinburgh. It was exciting to listen to the tour guide explain all of the historical background of the city. We even got to see the place were J.K. Rowling scribbled down Harry Potter on napkins. I really enjoyed the shopping and listening to each of the tourist shops’ Scottish music. While we were shopping, we came across a man dressed in a kilt playing a bagpipe. As we walked through the city we admired the architecture of the buildings constructed long before the beginning of US history. The city is beautiful beyond belief and I’m definitely not ready to come home (even tough I miss home…)

~Emily Emadian

Our last concert at the Faith Mission center was highly emotional and culminated all of our hard work in Scotland. There was not a dry eye in the place. Even those of us who hardly ever cry lost it during Off-Kilter’s “What a Wonderful World.” The audience was highly responsive and absolutely loved it. I still can’t believe we’re here. I’m going to miss performing with my brothers and sisters in the choir. I love all of you and I hope that we will meet again, God Bless.

~Jarrod Myers

Soon after a fulfilling dinner of traditional Scottish food, a few mates and I hopped into a taxi and headed to a local restaurant to check out some Scottish fold music. Along with a classical guitar, the musicians played fiddles, accordions and a fire key harmonica. The music was jolly and the atmosphere was dense and vibrant. After talking to a few locals, a tipsy man from Australia told us a joke or two. After some laughs, we departed and walked back through the city if Edinburgh, nearly stepping on a frog on the sidewalk.

~Melanie Devich

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  1. I can only imagine how beautiful you all must have sounded today. Beautiful voices in a beautiful cathedral………must have sounded heavenly.

  2. I was in the audience at St. Giles’ yesterday, and loved it. I thought the choir had a beautiful sound. It was very moving, and a lovely balance between the low voices and the sopranos. And I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed yourselves in Scotland.

    I got a few photos of you, that you might like to see:

  3. Thanx to everyone who wrote such lovely blog paragraphs. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your tour as it has helped me relive my visits to Scotland. It seems that everyone had a wonderful and memorable time — delighted to hear that undertone in your messages. Safe travels home, and best wishes to all of you in your future endeavors.
    Hal Laster, ’65

  4. Twenty-nine years ago next month I attended a service
    at St. Giles. So, I was able to visualize you in front of that magnificent organ and facing the altar.
    The sound of your beautiful voices floated through
    my head. Thanks so much for the tour of Scotland via
    your messages. Thanks, too, for representing MC so
    well. To the seniors, God’s blessings and best wishes
    in all that you undertake in the days ahead. I look forward to seeing others soon. Traveling mercies.

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